Roanoke dad forces son to run to school in the rain for bullying

Bryan Thornhill hopes other parents will learn from his example

ROANOKE, Va. – Millions of people across the world are reacting to a Roanoke father's punishment for his child.

Bryan Thornhill’s son was kicked off the bus for three days for bullying, so he decided to force him to run to school instead.

More than 23 million people have viewed the Facebook live video Bryan posted following his 10-year-old son Hayden, who ran a mile to school with his backpack on in the rain. It was his punishment for getting suspended from the bus for three days.

"He accidentally kicked a kid in the groin in the process of jumping over the kid's seat, crawling under the seats, jumping back and forth from seats, pushing or pulling a kid down the aisle," Bryan said.

Hayden, who has ADHD, has gotten in trouble at school before. Bryan said he decided to step up the punishment this time.

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"I was feeling bad for the rain but I was like ‘You know what? We need to wash this attitude away and calm him down.’ And it worked. It worked brilliantly," Bryan said.

"Yeah, I didn't have that much energy. That's the whole purpose of it was to make me have not that much energy," Hayden said.

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