Businesses feel the impact of Monday racing at Martinsville Speedway

Postponed races meant extra business for some, less for others

HENRY COUNTY, Va. – Peoples Market & Grill was busy Monday trying to keep up with the usual food orders and the needs of race fans who camped out an extra day at the speedway.

"It's been extremely busy because of the people that had to stay over for the race in their campers and stuff. We do a lot of propane, so they've been trying to keep warm while they've been here this extra day," Peoples Market & Grill employee Carrie Handy said.

On top of that, Handy said some food orders that were made for groups at the speedway Sunday got postponed along with the races and had to be made up Monday.

"We had to postpone some caterings and stuff we had for the track, so we knew we were going to be expecting that today, too," Handy said.

The extra day of racing didn't just give businesses near the speedway a boost.

Sandy Wells and Jack Knight live in West Virginia and stay in a hotel in Roanoke for race weekends.

An extra night in town meant an extra night on the town.

"We usually go to Coach and Four for prime rib on Saturday night, but they didn't have it. So we heard they had it at Billy's, so I got my prime rib after all," Sandy Wells said. "That's a good thing. We went to our favorite beer place, W.R. Brews on Williamson Road."

Parking areas stretch all along Greensboro Road in front of the speedway.

They're usually completely full on race day.

Kelly Clingenpeel still enjoyed selling parking spaces even though business was slow.

"It's been slow because it's a Monday. A lot of people had to go back to work. But they're still in a good mood. It's fun to be here," Clingenpeel said.

Slow business is better than no business, which Clingenpeel said was the case on Sunday due to the snow.