PHCC, Averett University sign criminal justice program articulation agreement

PHCC students can now seamlessly transfer credits to Averett

HENRY COUNTY, Va. – Getting a criminal justice degree in Southside just got a little easier.

Patrick Henry Community College and Averett University signed an articulation agreement Thursday morning.

That means criminal justice students who graduate from PHCC will be able to transfer all of their credits to Averett to continue their education and enter Averett's criminal justice program as a junior.

Two PHCC students 10 News spoke to said they plan to take advantage of the agreement.

“It’s a great deal because once I get through the academy and get hired on, I’d like to continue my education. So I think it’s going to serve me well in the future,” said Noah Wolfe, who plans to go to work for the Patrick County Sheriff's Office after graduating from PHCC.

James Goodman previously attended Averett and is now looking forward to going back and eventually working with juvenile offenders.

“This articulation (agreement) is essential. It's timely. It couldn't have come at a better time," Goodman said. "It reassures me that when I go back to Averett, prior credits that I already attained there through them, that I’ll be able to continue my education.”

PHCC President Angeline Godwin said that as exciting as the articulation agreement is, even more exciting is what it represents.

"We have a joint vision for our region. That is that our institutions, as accredited institutions of higher education, we are committed to the economic well-being of this region and we're committed to the ongoing improvement of the quality of life," Godwin emphasized.

Averett President Tiffany Franks said the agreement will give students multiple options.

"Maybe as adults they want to be on the ground here in this region, or maybe they want to be able to be on the ground anywhere in the state. Or, maybe you want to be able to enroll online anywhere. We can provide those options," Franks said.

Both Godwin and Franks said the agreement will help fill a need in the region.