Facebook video of 11-year-old Danville singer goes viral

Video watched more than 90,000 times in first 36 hours after being posted

DANVILLE, Va. – A video showing 11-year-old Cherish Woods signing "We Are The World" with her Park Avenue Elementary School classmates during a ceremony celebrating their graduation to sixth grade has gone viral.

It was posted just after 7:30 a.m. Wednesday and by 4:30 p.m. Thursday had been viewed 94,000 times.

The performance was recorded by a woman attending the ceremony and posted to Facebook.

"I didn't know she was recording me," Woods said.

Woods is not mad, though.

"When I saw that it was going viral, I was just surprised, I was happy," Woods said. "I appreciate all the support. It's amazing."

Her mother, Likara Woods, said she started singing when she was about 2 years old.

"She started singing to us what she wanted to eat. Like, say we were going to McDonald's. She would literally sing 'Cheeseburger,'" she said.

Woods is not the first person in her family to be prominent for their pipes.

"I sung when I was younger, her dad's an artist. Literally her whole family, especially on her dad's side, is musical to the fullest," Woods' mother said.

Cherish doesn't have a favorite song or type of music, she just likes to sing.

"You can use your voice in different ways, do different things with it. You can explore. It's just amazing," Woods said.

Woods said she was nervous about singing at the ceremony, but smiled and said, "I got through it."

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