Student with autism gets standing ovation at high school graduation

Christian Walton served as mayor at Salem High School

SALEM, Va. – Christian Walton didn't have to campaign to become the mayor at Salem High School.

His classmate Katie Elting said Walton’s high spirit is what makes him one of the most popular students in his class.

"Whenever I'm around Christian, I can't stop smiling,” Elting said.

Walton has autism, but he doesn't see it as a barrier.

"I feel really special inside. I make everybody smile every day at the high school,” Walton said.

Teacher Logan George of Salem High School said he loves to talk to everyone.

"Christian was always coming up front talking to all the principals and teachers,” George said.

His likeability and interest in others led him to becoming the mayor of Salem high.

Thursday afternoon, the high school honor student became a graduate.

“It feels great to graduate,” Walton said.

Walton has big plans ahead but for now, he's living the dream.