Local pet owner says his dog became sick after taking flea medication

FDA warns pet owners of certain flea and tick medication

ROCKY MOUNT, Va. – Before the sun came up, David Delong had his dog, Bentlee, at a local animal hospital  again.

“This is the sixth or seventh time,” Delong said.

Delong considers Bentlee part of the family and says ever since he gave him a flea and tick medicine, his dog has become lethargic, weak and he has to carry him outside to feed him liquid food.

“He started shaking and trembling,” Delong said.

While Delong is not sure what is causing his dog to become ill, he says his 2-year-old companion has never been the same.

The Food and Drug Administration warned pet owners last week that a certain flea and tick prevention medication can cause neurological problems.

Eric Krauss, a veterinarian of the Franklin County Animal Hospital is not treating Bentlee, but he explained the FDA's warning.

“Neurologic side effects, such as seizure or muscle tremors, are a rarely reported side effect for this entire class of medications,” Krauss said.

The FDA said the pills and chews in question are sold under the brand names Nexgard, Simparica, Bravecto and Credelio.

The products have all obtained FDA approval.

The FDA said it will require clearer labels.

As for Bentlee, whether or not his illness is from the medication, Delong hopes to get answers soon.

“Vets are basically saying there's something wrong after he took the medication,” Delong said.

Krauss said for most dogs, this class of products is the safest and most effective for flea and tick control.