Generic Magic Festival draws in packed crowd despite name change

Formerly known as Roanoke Harry Potter Festival

ROANOKE, Va. – Although the Generic Magic Festival had to drop the trademarked name, the Roanoke Harry Potter Festival, that didn't spoil the theme for fans of the wizarding world.

"Harry Potter is one of my biggest favorite movie series of all time," said Trysten Hart, a Harry Potter fan.

Harry Potter fans wandered all over the streets of downtown Roanoke.

After a copyright crackdown by Warner Bros., Harry Potter is now off-limits.

 Now it's called the Generic Magic Festival.

Kim Walters, owner of Walters' Wands and Wizardwear, who traveled from Ohio just for the festival, doesn't seem to mind.

"Magic wands aren't copyrighted. Dragon eggs aren't copyrighted. Potions aren't copyrighted. So it didn't really affect us. I do still see people here with copy-righted things. I don't think anyone really pays attention to it," Walters said.

In addition to the wands, Walters said one of the biggest items being sold are these dragon eggs.

“They're handmade by my daughter,” Walters said.

The magical street fair surrounding the Market Building and Franklin Street has already inspired Walters to return. “The town is absolutely beautiful. The town is organized and the people are great.”