New flight program available at Averett University for high school students

Program runs from July 7-20, 2019

DANVILLE, Va. – High schoolers across the Commonwealth can now apply for a new flight program at Averett University.

The university is partnering with the Virginia Space Grant Consortium, Liberty University and the state aviation department to host the two-week program.

It is free, but only six students will be accepted.

They'll get a basic introduction to flying and will be able to take their first solo flight by the end of the program.

"That puts them on a good career path to maybe continue and get into this industry that we're so passionate about," Averett University chief flight instructor Travis Williams said. "We're just looking for youth that are interested in STEM and things like that and have a passion for aviation."

To apply for the program, click here.

The deadline to apply is Jan. 25, 2019.