'It's so frustrating not knowing': Mother of missing Pittsylvania County holding out hope

Robert Hurt last seen Dec. 9


PITTSYLVANIA COUNTY, Va. – Flanked by investigators from his office and the Danville Police Department, Pittsylvania County Sheriff Mike Taylor told reporters Thursday afternoon at a news conference that investigators still have no solid leads in the disappearance of 37-year-old Robert Hurt.

"On the one hand, you're looking for someone who's missing or may want to be missing. Then, on the other side, you always have to keep in mind that there may be a criminal element to it," Taylor said. "So it's almost like you're running a dual investigation and at the same time hoping against hope that it's the first and not the latter."

The best lead they've got is a friend of Hurt's in Caswell County, North Carolina.

Hurt's mother, Becky Griffith, said her son went to see the friend Dec. 9 after getting into an argument with his wife.

"(Investigators are) wanting to talk to (the friend) again. He's got to agree to talk to them and I wish he would," Griffith said.

She said her son's disappearance has caused her to start having panic attacks.

"The longer it goes, the more we're convinced that it's not going to turn out very good," Griffith said. "I don't think I could ever prepare myself (for the worst case scenario) and be prepared for it."

At the news conference, Danville Police Department Capt. Jerry Pace would not say who the friend is or if they're cooperating with the investigation.

"The friend's information has not led us to Robert's location and that's about all I can say," Pace said.

Hurt's truck was found abandoned in Danville on Dec. 20.

A $2,000 reward is being offered for information.

If you have any information, contact the sheriff's office at 434-656-6211.

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