Linkhorne Elementary students predict 'Souper Bowl' winner

The cans are donated to the Lynchburg area food bank.

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Super Bowl 53 predictions are in for one local school.

Students at Linkhorne Elementary in Lynchburg have the Los Angeles Rams taking home the title Sunday.

For the last two weeks, fifth-graders have been bringing in canned goods for their annual “Souper Bowl” can food drive.

Teachers say every day, students have been dropping their cans in the Patriots or Rams box.

Fifth-graders put in 290 cans for the Rams and 201 for the Patriots.

“Last year, we predicted correctly. We predicted the Philadelphia Eagles would win because we got more Eagles cans than Patriots cans. So we’re hoping for another Rams win over the Patriots this year,” Ted Finny, a fifth-grade teacher, said.

The cans are donated to the Lynchburg-area food bank.