Man says he was at college Halloween party with Northam, governor was not in racist photo

Rob Marsh truly believes it is not Gov. Northam in the photo

RICHMOND, Va. – The man who says he was Gov. Ralph Northam's roommate at Eastern Virginia Medical School also says he was at the party where the blackface/KKK yearbook photo was taken.

Rob Marsh told NBC12 in Richmond that he helped plan that Halloween party.

"I'm proud to have been his roommate," said Marsh."I was truly stunned. One, I didn't recognize that picture, I didn't know anyone in it and didn't know where or when it was taken." 

Marsh says he first found out about the photo Friday as the news broke.

"I was at the Halloween party the governor went to and I know what he was wearing exactly," recalled Marsh. "Ralph comes out and I remember he was dressed in a three-piece suit on and he had a briefcase." 

Marsh says he truly believes it is not Northam in the photo.

He said he reached out to the governor and talked with him on Saturday. 

"He's doing good. I think he was a little stunned. He's a little bit hurt," said Marsh.

When asked if he thinks the governor can bounce back from this politically Marsh responded. 

"I think it's going to be tough for him. I think as a person he can. He is a tough person," replied Marsh. "I know Ralph will do what he thinks is the best thing for the Commonwealth of Virginia." 

Marsh believes that photo being published on Northam's page could have been a prank and someone put that image on Northam's page submission without him knowing. 

Marsh believes this is not in the governor's character and is standing by his friend.