Texas boy selling hot chocolate to help fund border wall

7-year-old-boy called 'little Hitler', according to his mom


AUSTIN, TX – A 7-year-old boy has received both praises and insults for selling hot chocolate to raise

$1,400 to help build a wall on the U.S./Mexico border.

Benton Stevens was inspired to set up a hot chocolate stand after watching President Donald Trump’s State of the Union Address on Feb. 5, according to his mother, Jennifer Stevens.

In an interview with KXAN, she said, “He wanted to know about the wall so we explained what it was about and he (Benton) was like ‘I want to raise money for the wall.”

Both of Benton’s parents are active members of the Republican National Committee and like to keep their children aware of their political stance.

While Benton was selling hot chocolate, someone posted a picture of him and his stand on Facebook and it took off, according to KXAN.

Since Stevens' picture went viral, many slammed his parents for using their son to make political statements, while others supported them.

Benton’s mother told KXAN that “He was called a little Hitler yesterday,” she explained that “A guy pointed at him in his car and then he said that we didn’t like brown people. I don’t understand that at all.”

The parents plan to make sure the money they raised in such a little amount of time will “100 percent” go toward the wall.