Florida alligator found living its best life while lounging on gator raft in pool

Courtesy of WPLG

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. – You could say that this gator is living the life. 

According to WPLG, David Jacobs, of Georgia, says he caught "a gator with a gator" while vacationing in South Florida. 

Jacobs was in town for a wedding and says he first noticed the gator in the lake behind the home he rented for the occasion. At the time, Jacobs says the gator was eyeing the family's small dog. 

But when Jacobs and his family came back to the house Sunday to find a gator hanging out in the pool on top of a gator raft. 

Jacobs told WPLG that he called the homeowner, who then called a wildlife management company to remove the gator. 

WPLG says attempts to verify Jacobs' account have been unsuccessful. 

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