Lynchburg Roofing offering $25K cash prize to help change company name

The contest ends Sunday, June 9, at 11:59 p.m.

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Have you seen a sign on a billboard or a video ad on Facebook offering a $25,000 cash prize? 

“Rather than spending the extra $25,000 on marketing our name change, let’s make a prize. Man, that response and the buzz,” Chris Good, founder of Lynchburg Roofing, said. 

Good and his staff are behind the contest.

“We’re not just thinking about growing inside of Central Virginia. We’d like to grow into Maryland, maybe down in North Carolina,” Good said.

Good started Lynchburg Roofing in 2012 under the impression they would serve only the Hill City. 

That changed once he opened offices in Roanoke, Charlottesville and, most recently, Richmond.

“We decided to change our name because it was creating confusion, especially when we got to Richmond. People were just, like, ‘You guys are coming all the way from Lynchburg?’ They were uncomfortable,” Good said.

You can only enter the contest if you live in one of the roofing company’s service areas.

“You can only submit only one official entry but you can play down with your ideas as much as you want before you submit it,” Good said.

Good says the word "roofing" and the company's logo will stay the same. So your job is to only change the "Lynchburg" part of the name.

The contest ends Sunday, June 9 at 11:59 p.m.

“If you can think of something that’s catchy, that is memorable and that can be trademarked. That’s what you want. Easy to remember, too, is good,” Good said.

Go to https://contest.lynchburgroofing.com/25k to enter your idea.