Lynchburg Roofing becomes Cenvar Roofing after $25K renaming contest

More than 750,000 participants with almost 50,000 unique name ideas submitted

LYNCHBURG, Va. – You can now start referring to Lynchburg Roofing as Cenvar Roofing.

The company announced its new name Wednesday.

This comes after the company held a three-week naming contest.

There were over 750,000 participants with almost 50,000 unique name ideas submitted.

Good says they want to expand outside of Virginia and the old name Lynchburg Roofing confused customers in Richmond.

Laura Wonderley of Staunton Virginia won $25,000 for creating the name Cenvar Roofing.

Tammy Tomlin of Arrington won $10,000 for getting the most people to enter the contest.

“She thought of it as a combination of Central Virginia Roofing. So we needed something unique. We wanted some that would pay homage to where we started and kind of recognize the community that got us started. But we also wanted something if you didn’t know exactly what it was, it allowed us to grow. And of course, it needed to be trademarked, too,” said Chris Good, the founder.

Lynchburg Roofing will officially become Cenvar Roofing on July 1, including the company’s website. Good says LynchburgRoofing.com and its email addresses will forward to the new versions during and following the transition.