'Sounded like fireworks': Salem woman describes bullets hitting her home

Shooting happened around 2:30 a.m. Saturday

SALEM, Va. – A series of bullets hit too close for comfort for a Salem couple.

Someone fired shots over the weekend, and one of them nearly hit a bedroom where Rhonda Bell says her husband normally would have been sleeping.

"Had it penetrated it all the way through and through, there's a good chance it could have hit my husband," Bell.

Bullet holes line the side of Bell's Dalewood Avenue home after shots rang out early Saturday morning.

"One went in through the basement window and lodged through the back wall and then one went in between the porch and the bedroom window," said Bell.

The bullets were too close for comfort.

Bell said she had just arrived home around 2:15 a.m. after finishing her shift at work.

"I was getting ready for bed. I came in through the living room and went into my bedroom and I heard the car speed up and what sounded like fireworks. Pow, pow, pow. Real quick, fast," said Bell.

A spokesman for the Salem Police Department said that the case is still under investigation and there have been no arrests but neighbors say their sense of security has been threatened and they want answers.

"I am hoping for the truth," said Bell.

Neighbors said they are glad that no one was injured. Several other residents report their homes were hit by bullets that night as well. 

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