'Timesaver Trixie' wanted in Pulaski County for allegedly stealing at self-checkout

Authorities say she scanned every other item

PULASKI COUNTY, Va. – Does this woman look familiar?

Right now, the Pulaski County Sheriff's Office is referring to her as "Timesaver Trixie" and says she stole multiple items while using self-checkout. 

Rather than scanning every item, as one should, their Sheriff's Office Facebook post says Trixie doubled up on items.

They did not specify which store she was in.

She has a small tattoo on her left wrist and another on her right foot.

While at the self-checkout, the Sheriff's Office says she answered a call on her flip phone.

If you think you know Timesaver Trixie or have any other information about this shoplifting incident, call the Sheriff's Office anonymous tip line at 540-980-7810.