Busch Gardens set to open North America's fastest multi-launch roller coaster in 2020

Pantheon reaches a top speed of 72.5 mph

WILLIAMSBURG, Va. – Roller coaster fans rejoice!

Busch Gardens in Williamsburg is set to open its newest roller coaster in 2020.

Pantheon will be a record-breaking multi-launch coaster reaching a top speed of 72.5 mph.

This ride doesn't just go fast it also has quite the drop in its 120-second duration.

Along the 3,328-foot track, you'll experience a 95-degree drop, two inversions and four separate launches.

In order, riders will be launched at 36 mph, 50 mph, 61 mph and 67 mph. For riders that enjoy a thrill, that third launch is backward!

The ride is set to open next spring and is the fourth consecutive year of new attractions at Busch Gardens, following 2019's Finnegan’s Flyer.


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