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Franklin Co. schools focus on teaching kindness to children

It's part of the 'be kind' initiative

Almost everywhere you look in this school, you'll see the phrase "Be the 'I' in 'KIND'"

FRANKLIN COUNTY – Franklin County Public Schools are embracing the power of positivity. A kind word or gesture has the power to change someone's day, that's why Franklin County has joined the Be Kind initiative, incorporating kindness in its curriculum.

At Calloway Elementary School, students are taught to follow the golden rule.

 "We just want our kids to treat each other the way they want to be treated," said Kim Jones, Calloway Elementary School guidance counselor. "The kids love it," Jones said.     

Be the "I" in kind is a phrase you'll see posted throughout the school. It's a message that these students are taking to heart, including student Elizabeth Mayhorn.

"If you be kind to somebody, they'll be kind to you," Mayhorn said.

A lesson that's just as important as any other subject, each day at Callaway the students hear a new way to show kindness to one another, like good manners.

"We look people in the eye, and say yes ma'am, no ma'am, yes sir, no sir," explained Jenna Shipp.
Student Emma McPherson explained they also learned how to show kindness to new students at school.

"A lot of times when new people come here I like to make friends with them, so they feel welcome," McPherson said.

All schools in Franklin County have adopted the "be kind" initiative this year. Each school is making it their own. Learning to meet others halfway, a student at Benjamin Franklin Middle made the message "be kind" in braille.

Henry elementary school even elects a student kindness council.

"So you can make a difference," Shipp said.

Jones said the power of positivity is shaping their future.

"I can see them sometimes, if they see someone not saying the kindest of words. They will catch themselves and ask what kind of choices should you be making. So, they are being leaders," Jones said.

Students are making the world a little brighter, one kind act at a time.

"To make more friends so that everybody doesn't feel lonely," McPherson said.

In celebration of breast cancer awareness month and be kind month- Boones Mill Elementary is holding a stomp out cancer walk-a-thon Friday, October 25. The money from this fundraiser will go to their cafeteria worker Debra Bush.

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