Roanoke City Schools wraps up inaugural father and male role model engagement week

Kicking it with our Kings is designed to engage men in schools

ROANOKE, Va. – On Friday night, Roanoke City Schools wrapped up its inaugural father and male role model engagement week.

The program is titled Kicking it with our Kings and was designed to engage men by inviting them into schools. City schools leaders hosted three dinners this week. Friday's was at Lucy Addison Middle School.

Earlier this week, Roanoke Mayor Sherman Lea spoke at another dinner. The activities are designed to show how being active and involved can make a difference in a student's life.

"Kids now, they need somebody, they need help," Roanoke City Schools grandparent Harold Hancock Jr. said. "There are things going on, and as men and a strong symbol in the community, we need to step up and be there for these kids and support them."

The program has already proved successful as five men signed up for the Parent Teacher Association, and others created a watchdog group for Lincoln Terrace Elementary School.