Five Below starts selling items more than $5

Is Five Below no longer $5 and below? Recently, the bargain retailer had to raise the prices of some of its toys and tech products to more than five bucks.

Five Below changes prices to be more than $5
Five Below changes prices to be more than $5

After nearly 20 years of being known as the store where everything was $5 and under, Five Below is raising prices on some of its items.

According to WGRZ, some of the retailer’s tech products will start selling for more than $5 and a handful of their toys and games will range from $6 to $10. It’s what the store is calling “Ten Below Tech” and “Ten Below Gift Shop.”

And if you’re thinking the store might be changing their name, think again. Five Below’s trademark name will remain since most items at the store will remain at $5 and below.

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