Coronavirus: Know the basics

Critical questions in the age of coronavrius: If you’re sick, when should you worry, and when is it time to seek care?

COVID-19 and flu symptoms are similar and can include fever, cough and fatigue.

COVID-19 can also cause shortness of breath.

If you're feeling steadily worse, have recently traveled to an affected area or had contact with a known patient, it may be time to be tested.

Still, before you go to the doctor, pick up the phone first.

"They will give you instructions about where to go, when to arrive and they'll take good care of you. But they need to be prepared, so call before you go," says infectious disease expert Dr. William Schaffner.

Generally healthy people under 60 with mild symptoms that are helped with over-the-counter medications and fluids can likely recover at home.

That means they should stay home: No work, school, public areas or public transit.