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What lawmakers are focused on for Virginia’s upcoming special session

State lawmakers to return to Richmond for special sesson
State lawmakers to return to Richmond for special sesson

RICHMOND, Va. – Lawmakers are under a deadline as they craft new legislation to address police and criminal justice reform in a special session happening in a week and a half.

On Thursday, they met for the final meeting focused on police reform.

House of Delegates members dove deep into issues of no-knock warrants, civilian review boards and police immunity.

“How else would we hold bad actors, law enforcement agencies and the localities or agencies they work for accountable if we don’t change our immunity laws,” said 71st district Del. Jeff Bourne.

“We’re not perfect. We hire human beings and none of us are perfect. Nonetheless we are striving each and every day for perfection,” said Wayne Huggins with the Virginia State Police Association.

While that’s a hotly debated topic, the Virginia State Police association says it does agree on stronger procedures to make sure a bad cop doesn’t get hired somewhere else, banning chokeholds and using body cameras.