‘Standing in Solidarity’: Pres. Biden recognizes June as LGBTQ Pride Month

He vowed to fight for LGBTQ rights

President Joe Biden released an official presidential proclamation on Tuesday recognizing June as LGBTQ Pride Month and vowing to stand behind the rights of LGBTQ individuals.

“This Pride Month, we recognize the valuable contributions of LGBTQ individuals across America, and we reaffirm our commitment to standing in solidarity with LGBTQ Americans in their ongoing struggle against discrimination and injustice,” the president said.

Pres. Biden reflected on how far the LGBTQ community has come, mentioning how the Supreme Court has made history with its rulings to legalize same-sex marriage and to secure workplace protections for those a part of the LGBTQ community in the workplace.

The president also took the time to honor the 14% of his 1,500 agency appointees who identify as LGBTQ. However, despite the progress that has been made, he emphasized the work that still needs to be done.

“For all of our progress, there are many States in which LGBTQ individuals still lack protections for fundamental rights and dignity in hospitals, schools, public accommodations, and other spaces,” he said.

With transgender women of color facing startling levels of violence and many LGBTQ individuals encountering bullying and harassment in educational settings, the president vowed to deliver equality.

“I will not rest until full equality for LGBTQ Americans is finally achieved and codified into law,” he said. “That is why I continue to call on Congress to pass the Equality Act, which will ensure civil rights protections for LGBTQ people and families across our country.”

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Jazmine Otey joined the 10 News team in February 2021.