Security camera removed at Salem Goodwill over privacy concern

Camera was visible from dressing rooms

SALEM, Va. – A local Goodwill store is taking action in response to privacy concerns over a security camera.

Someone recently noticed a security camera in the Lakeside Drive store in Salem was visible from inside the dressing rooms.

The store immediately began the process of removing the camera, but someone posted about it on Facebook -- increasing public concern.

Local Goodwill vice president of external affairs, Kelly Sandridge, said the camera was never pointed at the dressing rooms.

“This was a camera that was getting a view of the entire sales floor and was actually facing the complete opposite direction," Sandridge emphasized. "We just want our customers to know anytime they have a concern in a Goodwill store, please let us know. Reach out to us.”

Local Goodwill stores are now considering putting security cameras on stems instead of the ceiling so they are not visible from such a wide angle.