‘Governor Northam kicked a hornet’s nest’: Militia muster call unites Second Amendment supporters in Floyd County

Approximately 100 people, many of whom were carrying firearms, showed up to the event

FLOYD COUNTY, Va. – A sizable group of gun owners gathered in a Floyd County park Saturday afternoon, in defense of the Second Amendment.

The group Concerned Citizens of Floyd organized a militia muster call, in search of men who could serve in a “well-regulated militia” if one is needed in Floyd County. About a hundred people showed up.

“To be a free people, you need to have a right to defend yourself, or you could be subject to any kind of tyranny, potentially,” said Richard Dimmel of Concerned Citizens of Floyd. “It’s the last defense of a free people in the protection of their rights.”

The gathering focused less on forming a militia, and more on vocally supporting the Second Amendment while using the right to bear arms.

“The main thing we’re here for is freedom to do what we want to do and be left alone," said George, a Floyd County resident who did not disclose his last name. "We’re not here to start any problems.”

Many of the attendees will travel up to Richmond on Monday for Lobby Day, a rally opposing Governor Ralph Northam’s calls for stricter gun laws.

“Governor Northam kicked a hornet’s nest,” said Steven, who came to the militia muster call with George and also refused to disclose his last name. “Nobody here wants trouble, ever, but I won’t bend a knee to it.”

Concerned Citizens of Floyd also used the event to register people to vote. Dimmel said the turnout shows Second Amendment supporters in Floyd County have become politically energized.