Vinton Police Department using app, doorbell cameras to help solve crimes

VINTON, Va. – The Vinton Police Department is now using an app which lets citizens be the eyes and ears of the streets.

In a post to Facebook Friday, Vinton Police announced they have partnered with the Neighbors app, which is developed my doorbell camera manufacturer Ring.

The app allows police to see where cameras owned by registered users are located throughout the town. Police are not able to access any footage, but are able to narrow down which people may have video evidence of a crime scene.

Sgt. Chris Froeschl said the app could provide a big assist for his relatively small police force.

“We send out a request for anybody who may have video from their house or their Ring doorbell,” Froeschl said. "Once we put that request out, it’s up to the person to want to release it to us, which could be a great help.”

More information about the app is available here.

(WSLS 2020)

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