Local Goodwill stores collecting medical supplies for Carilion

Items will be collected as long as necessary

ROANOKE, Va. – Some local Goodwill stores are living up to the name by trying to help protect doctors and nurses against the coronavirus.

Stores in Carilion Clinic’s primary service area are now collecting personal protective equipment.

That includes gloves, masks, hand sanitizer and wipes.

All of the items will be donated to the hospital.

Goodwill is working with other local hospital systems to come up with collection plans for them as well.

“Carilion was very appreciative of our ability to do this for them. They had been trying to do it on their own. We’re just so convenient in our community; people know where to find us," Goodwill External Affairs Vice President Kelly Sandridge said.

Large cardboard donation boxes will be available outside stores when the stores are open.

When stores are not open, the items can be placed in Goodwill collection bins. The items must be labeled “PPE.”

For a full list of items that can be donated, click here.