'We see them as part of our family’: Roanoke chiropractor donates immune-boosting kits to first responders

Dr. Tom says chronic stress weakens the immune system

ROANOKE, Va. – Many people are working to find ways to thank our first responders who are risking their health to care for others.

One local chiropractor is giving away immune-boosting kits to area first responders.

Oasis Chiropractic is handing out free kits that include a morning blend to give them clean energy and boost their immune health.

Plus, they’ll receive coffee collagen for brain and gut health.

Dr. Tom says this chronic stress weakens the immune system.

“We’re going to be there for them, because if we’re not there for them, then how are they going to serve us as a community? These are awesome kids. We see them as part of our family. We love them. They’re working so hard, but if they go down, Lindsey, we go down,” said Dr. Tom McLeod Baader, local chiropractor.

To receive a free kit you just have to show a medical responder badge or ID.

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