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Officials say no danger to public as two feet of water flow over Carvins Cove dam

ROANOKE COUNTY, Va. – The spillway of the Carvins Cove dam in Roanoke County is seeing two feet of flowing water.

On Wednesday night, the dam reached a “Stage II” designation which means storm development is “quickly accelerating” and “could result in failure of the dam."

Two feet of water flowing over the spillway is not an indicator of imminent dam failure, however, according to the Western Virginia Water Authority, which owns the dam.

Officials with the Water Authority told 10 News the flood of 1985 was the last time there were two feet of water flowing over the dam.

A 2014 study determined the dam would not fail until 14 feet of “overtopping” occurred, according to the Water Authority.

Four feet of water flowing over the dam would trigger a “Stage III” emergency, which could mean dam failure is imminent. Water Authority officials said they don’t expect the dam to reach a Stage III designation and there is no danger to the public on Wednesday night.

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