Bath County is Virginia’s lone locality with 0 reported coronavirus cases

It's been 105 days since Virginia's first case was reported

Spread of the coronavirus in Virginia as of June 19. (WSLS 10)

ROANOKE, Va. – After more than three months, only one Virginia locality has yet to report a case of the coronavirus.

While 132 of 133 Virginia cities and counties have reported at least one case of COVID-19, the number for Bath County remains at 0.

Only about 4,400 people live in Bath County, making it Virginia’s second-least populated city or county.

On Friday, Bland County reported its first case, while on Tuesday, Dickenson County reported its first case.

Those three had been the longstanding counties with 0 cases.

Before that, it was May 9 when the City of Covington reported its first case.

Below is an interactive look at how the coronavirus has spread day-to-day since Virginia’s first reported case on March 7.