No high school football this fall, according to VHSL proposals

VHSL options include possibilities for spring football

Likely no high school football this fall
Likely no high school football this fall

ROANOKE, Va. – Virginia’s Friday night lights are likely staying off this fall.

The Virginia High School League is no longer considering season proposals with fall high school football included. The VHSL announced their three final options Wednesday:

  1. Keeping all sports in their respective seasons, but cancelling fall contact sports such as football and volleyball;
  2. Switching the schedules of fall and spring sports;
  3. Starting all sports with the winter season, followed in March by traditional fall sports such as football.

The decision to push back football was expected by area athletic directors, such as Lord Botetourt’s Chuck Pound and William Byrd’s Jason Taylor.

“We didn’t see how, with everything going on, we were going to be able to play football in September or even October,” said Pound.

“I think all of us wish we were playing football in the fall, along with the other fall sports,” added Taylor.

Taylor said out of the three VHSL options, William Byrd’s coaches vastly prefer the last one.

“Model three at least gives all of our teams and all of our students some hope of having a season,” Taylor said.