Hot, dry weather could have big impact on local Christmas tree industry

Most local growers don’t normally have to irrigate their trees

FLOYD COUNTY, Va. – Christmas is still more than five months away but the recent hot and dry weather could be having an impact on one of the holiday’s most popular symbols.

Local Christmas tree growers may have to start watering their trees if we get another long stretch of hot dry weather. That could have a big impact on growers.

The owner of Sweet Providence Farm in Floyd County, John Houston, said Thursday that most local growers don’t normally have to irrigate their trees.

“I was starting to keep track of how long it has been and looking at our rainfall from the previous month,” Houston said. “We grow specifically Fraser furs. That’s what everybody seems to like. They’re a little bit temperamental.”

He said his trees were doing well as of Thursday and expected to have a good crop for the holiday season.