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Hale’s Restaurant to reopen after 4-month closure prompted by COVID-19

'They're going to bounce back stronger than ever and that gives us hope that everything else can too'

SHAWSVILLE, Va. – Tucked away off Route 460 in Shawsville sits Hale’s Restaurant. The family-run business opened in 1967 and it’s where Michael Roupe, a Shawsville local, got his first job at 13 years old.

”A lot of good memories. A lot of good memories,” said Roupe.

Since the end of March, the kitchen has been quiet and the tables have been empty. Hale’s had to close because of COVID-19. Assistant Manager Phelicia Burton said that it was too tough to follow all the guidelines, turn customers away and keep the small business afloat.

Hale’s Restaurant to reopen after 4 month COVID-19 closure (WSLS)

“It was hard. I’m not going to lie. I cried. A lot of us did. This is a second home for most of us,” said Burton.

After that four month shutdown, Hale’s posted on Facebook on Monday to announce that it is going to reopen and is looking to hire about ten employees.

On Tuesday, Roupe brought in his daughter, Caiden, to submit a job application and follow in her dad’s footsteps.

“When we we got the update on Facebook that they were opening I was like, ‘That’s an opportunity for you.‘”

Roupe is a bus driver in Montgomery County. His hours and salary have been cut because of COVID-19, so he decided to put in his own application.

“They gave me the opportunity back when I was 13 and it’s something I won’t forget. You know, so if I can help them out when they need it, by all means,” said Roupe. “They’re going to bounce back stronger than ever and that gives us hope that everything else can, too.”

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