The Pie Lady refurbishes old pharmacy in Fincastle with help from Black Dog Salvage, opens new shop

'We’ve refurbished the entire building and turned it into The Pie Shoppe.'


FINCASTLE, Va. – Helping make Fincastle a destination.

The Pie Lady has a new home in the small town with the help of Black Dog Salvage.

We caught up the family that is cooking-up crusted meals in their newly designed storefront and the surprise you’ll find on the roof.

Ginny Barkett is known as “the pie lady” and this lady now has a fancy new shop to work out of.

“We’ve refurbished the entire building and turned it into The Pie Shoppe,” said Ginny.

Right on the corner of Main Street in Fincastle, the once town pharmacy that has sat empty for years now has new purpose.

The Barkett family is baking up savory and sweet pies in the building’s brand-new kitchen.

“Our kitchen was designed specifically for making our chicken pies,” said Ginny.

The kitchen looks like a vintage barn, complementing the business’s rooster logo, but the new space is full of old materials.

“We’ve used a lot of items from Black Dog Salvage,” Ginny said.

It's certainly a lot larger than the Fincastle Cafe they were working from.

It's more space to make more pies.

During quarantine, business took off.

“It was crazy, we were making like hundreds of pies a week,” said Will Barkett, The Pie Shoppe chef. “People would come in and buy 10 or 12 pies and they would be so grateful they’d just go home and throw them in the oven for an hour.”

However, a premade meal isn’t the only attraction to the refurbished building. Up the stairs, you’ll find the family’s new tapas bar — 1772 Rooftop on Main. “The view is incredible. You can see the Peaks of Otter, the courthouse, all the church steeples within the area, it’s beautiful,” Ginny said.

“There’s not a whole lot here now, but we’re trying to change that,” said Will.

It’s a unique space in Fincastle they hope will make the small town even more of a destination.

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