2020: Foster Care and Adoption Frequently Asked Questions

Cost, marital status and more answered

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More than 700 children in Virginia can be adopted right now and are looking for loving, safe families. For the fourth year, 10 News is partnering with DePaul Community Resources for 30 Days of Hope, shining a light on adoption and the children who need homes.

The following are frequently asked questions about foster care and adoption.

How much does it cost?

There is no cost for adoption services at DePaul Community Resources because all of the children DePaul works with are in the custody of a Virginia Department of Social Services (VDSS).

How can DePaul Community Resources offer adoption services for no cost?

DePaul’s Adoption program is funded by grants from the VDSS and the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. These grants are focused on placing children who are in the custody of the VDSS into adoptive homes and providing support services to adoptive families.

Do I have to be rich or have a large home?

No. The kids available for adoption through the VDSS need families who will love them, and provide structure and consistency. We look for families who have a belief in adoption and the ability to commit themselves to the love and care of a child; patience and perseverance; a good sense of humor; love of children; flexibility in dealing with change, stress, and challenges; tolerance and understanding; a willingness to learn; and resourcefulness.

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