Local law enforcement agencies taking precautions for possible Election Day unrest

With no current threats, agencies are putting plans in place just in case

Local law enforcement agencies putting safety measures in place ahead of Election Day
Local law enforcement agencies putting safety measures in place ahead of Election Day

CAMPBELL COUNTY, Va. – Campbell County Sheriff Whit Clark said officers will spend Election Day taking extra precautions.

“We’re going to be patrolling around the sites. We’re not going to be stationed at the polling sites. We’re just going to be visible and if any problems do arise, then we’ll respond to them,” said Clark.

There are safety measures in place against any possible threats of civil unrest.

“As of right now this [Monday] afternoon, we have no information about any unrest that’s going to occur in Campbell County,” said Clark.

Gene Smith, Campbell County’s electoral board chairman, said they’re working closely with the Sheriff’s Office to make sure things run smoothly at their 17 polling sites.

“We’ve had a Zoom conference with the sheriff’s department and other police agencies, and we’ve tried to be as prepared as we can be for any situation,” said Smith.

They’re prepared in Lynchburg, too. General Registrar Christine Gibbons said they have official “election chiefs” at each polling site in case a voter feels intimidated for any reason.

“[The voter] should let the chief inside know. The chief is to call an electoral board member, and we’ll triage the situation. If there is something that is criminal in nature, then we are supposed to call the Lynchburg Police Department.”

Expecting the worst, while hoping for the best.

“Usually in Campbell County it goes smooth, so I’m not really looking into anything. But if it does, we’re prepared,” Clark said.

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