Cody: 30 Days of Hope

The 8-year-old is interested in learning how to hunt and loves hunting dogs

Cody loves Spiderman and was the Hulk for Halloween.

“He is definitely quiet when you first meet him and can be very shy but once he gets comfortable he will really open up and just let loose and have a lot of fun,” said Casey Figgins, Roanoke County family services specialist.

We found that out visiting with the 8-year old, flipping through a coloring book and talking about his favorite football teams.

Cody is a big fan of the Cleveland Browns and O’Dell Beckham.

“Cody is full of energy. He is very, very caring. He is a true joy to be around,” said Figgins, who has worked with him for years. “He definitely is becoming more mature.”

He recently cooked chicken pot pie for everyone he lives with.

“He was super excited about it. Really, really enjoyed it and had a great time helping cook for everybody,” said Figgins.

He likes Pokémon cards and wants to be a “good spy” when he grows up. He even showed us his spy box.

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