Roanoke recognized for most adoptions in Virginia two years running

71 children were adopted last year

ROANOKE, Va. – Roanoke City has one of the highest numbers of children in foster care but they also are doing the most adoptions in Virginia.

“Fostering is something I was meant to do with my life,” said Heather Briscoe, who adopted three boys.

“We were fortunate enough to be able to adopt our three boys through foster care,” said Amy Briscoe.

The couple has two 4-year-olds and one 3-year-old. The boys were just days old when they brought them home from the hospital.

For Amy, the adoption journey is emotional.

“There’s a lot of ups and downs with it, but it’s also a really beautiful experience. So it is very emotional for me,” said Amy.

“It’s sad that we do have so many children coming into care. I wish that we could have a story about how we didn’t have adoptions because we didn’t have children coming into foster care. Unfortunately, that’s just not the world we live in," said Carrie Guzman, a Roanoke City adoption specialist who worked on the Briscoe adoptions.

Guzman started in adoptions about three years ago and it was taking six months to a year to get them finalized.

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