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'This is a sight to see’: Smith Mountain Lake business, property owners clean up after flooding

Boat owners asked to stay out of water until lake recedes

Folks at Smith Mountain Lake are cleaning up flood damage once again.
Folks at Smith Mountain Lake are cleaning up flood damage once again.

MONETA, Va. – In the aftermath of heavy rain that caused flooding across the region, docks across Smith Mountain Lake were still submerged Friday.

Business and property owners at the lake found themselves, once again, cleaning up from severe flooding.

The dock at Crazy Horse Marina was still submerged Friday, and while most of the boats got out unscathed, a couple had minor damage.

The marina’s maintenance manager, Michael Dixe, said he’s never seen the lake quite like this.

“I’ve seen water rise, but I didn’t see it rise this quick in that short of time," said Dixe.

Dixe had to secure boats from floating away, raise boats out of the water and put down canopies so they wouldn’t get crushed. Three boats suffered minor damage.

“Just some bent roof tops on canopies. No windshields. No structural damage, nothing like that. Even with the lifts as high as they can go, the water still rose. So they can only go up," said Dixe.

Billy Orr, co-owner of Los Amigos Bar & Grille at the marina, said in his 30 years at the lake, he’s only ever seen the gas pumps underwater once before.

“This is a sight to see,” said Orr.

Between the COVID-19 pandemic and the flooding, it’s not great for business.

“There’s a lot of trash and debris. It affects everything that goes on around here. Boats were still, just the other day, getting out and doing a lot of things and now this brings everything to a shutdown," said Orr.

The gas and the power have been cut off at the marina because electrical sockets might be submerged and could pose an electrocution risk.

Boat owners are asked to stay out of the water and off the docks until the lake recedes.

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