Danville Fire Department sparks fire safety talk with new wreath campaign

A wreath in Danville is reminding people about fire safety.

DANVILLE, Va. – Most wreaths bring joy; however, this one in Danville is reminding people about fire safety.

The wreath with red lights hangs outside of the main Danville fire station on Lynn Street.

For every structure fire that crews extinguished this December, a red light was removed and a white light was added.

It’s a new campaign the department started to visually remind people to stay safe during the holidays.

As of Thursday morning, four white lights were on the wreath.

“Next year we are already in the works for trying to get this at a different location,” said Danville Fire Department Acting Fire Marshall Richard Guill. “A more visible location so when people go to work they don’t have to go out of their way to see the wreath.”

The wreath will be taken down on New Year’s Day but there are plans to bring it back next year around Thanksgiving.

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