Bill for vehicle registration fee to support Virginia State Police passes state senate

Proposes $4 fee to fund raises for VSP troopers

RICHMOND, Va. – Virginians could pay a little bit more in vehicle fees every year to support law enforcement if a bill from a Roanoke state senator becomes law.

Sen. John Edwards’ bill proposed a $4 vehicle registration fee to create a fund for Virginia State Police. The bill passed the Senate on Friday and is awaiting a vote from the House of Delegates.

Edwards estimates the bill could raise more than $28 million for state police if it becomes law. He believes state troopers are underpaid compared to other law enforcement agencies, and that this is the best way to ensure their pay keeps up with inflation.

“Registration fees are not that high, and adding four dollars is not that big of a deal,” Edwards said. “I think of it as having an extra Big Mac every year. Everybody should be paying to support the State Police, especially if you drive on the highways.”

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