VDOT prepares for more wintry weather while cleaning up latest ice storm

Crews still working on roads closed from last week

VDOT crews prepare for winter weather
VDOT crews prepare for winter weather

LYNCHBURG, Va. – VDOT is preparing for this round of winter weather, but they aren’t done cleaning up from last week’s ice storm.

Crews pretreated roads and got the equipment ready all while working with utility providers to reopen roads as quickly as possible.

Above all, they want you to stay home.

“People don’t know what they’re going to encounter. They’re better off staying at home and sheltering in place. That also allows us the opportunity to be able to respond and work safely, to be able to get the roads open and make sure everything is safe for them when they are able to come out,” said Paula Jones, a VDOT spokesperson representing Lynchburg and Central Virginia counties.

As of Wednesday afternoon, Central Virginia crews were still working on 50 secondary roads closed from last week’s storm.

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