Sen. Mark Warner discusses affordable housing, Capitol riot during news conference

Warner spoke on his stance on issues he’d like to see changed

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Sen. Mark Warner touched on several issues during a news conference Thursday.

He said affordable housing is critical, especially in parts of our area.

Warner and Sen. Tim Kaine recently announced $46 million in federal funding for affordable housing across the Commonwealth.

It will support 26 municipalities, with nearly $975,000 going to Lynchburg and $3.8 million to Roanoke.

“We see, particularly in southwest and parts of central Virginia where the housing stock has gotten so old and there’s nothing that’s been to replace it, means it’s sometimes tough to find appropriate living conditions that is anyway affordable,” said Warner.

He also wants to see lower mortgage costs for first-time homebuyers.

Meanwhile, after Tuesday’s Congressional hearing on the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, where he called for a focus on threats from anti-government extremist groups, Warner said he doesn’t want to see the building turned into an “armed camp.”

He said he’s sad to see the fences and national guard surrounding the building and hopes the country can create a security plan to protect both those working in and visiting Washington D.C.

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