CDC’s new school guidelines give schools more options as social distance decreased

Several school districts expanded in-person learning Monday and CDC relaxes on a few rules.

ALLEGHANY COUNTY, Va. – A major change in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines means big things for children going back to class.

The guidelines previously required kids to stay 6 feet apart while in the classroom; however, that recommended distance is now just 3 feet.

It’s a sign of good news for some school districts as many are expanding their in-person learning and welcomed more kids back to class Monday.

With about 190 students at Callahan Elementary School in Alleghany County, the school district said CDC’s new changes give the district more flexibility in the classrooms.

Trying to redesign classrooms to accommodate the 6f eet distance rule is a struggle for many school districts.

“Now the CDC is helping us out a little bit,” explained Alleghany School Board Chairman Jacob Wright.

Just days ago, the CDC eased up its rule about social distancing.

Students can now be three feet apart but must wear a mask.

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