‘She was in deplorable condition’: Allegations of neglect in a Roanoke nursing home

A warning, some may find the details within this story disturbing

ROANOKE, Va. – A 10 News investigation has found another case of possible neglect after our first story in March.

Thousands of cases are opened every year in Virginia and about half are confirmed. The number of elderly people becoming victims continues to rise across the Commonwealth.

10 News is working to uncover new details about elder care during the pandemic and why efforts to protect our elderly, may have done the opposite.

“We brought her here to hospice and she went about four days and it was the toughest thing I’ve ever done in my life,” said Jim Gregory, through tears as he talked about the last days his mother was alive.

He wishes he could call his mom, “She would normally answer the phone, ‘Hey sweetie, how you doing?’”

Lillian Gregory fell at home in October 2020, broke her femur and never recovered.

“I miss calling her every morning. It hurts,” said Gregory.

She went to the hospital, then spent a couple of weeks at a nursing facility before being transferred to Raleigh Court Health and Rehab.

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