White Mill to be revitalized to bring jobs, homes to Danville

The project will coincide with the upcoming casino

White Mill building to be redeveloped into apartments
White Mill building to be redeveloped into apartments

DANVILLE, Va. – Vacant for more than a decade, the historical textile White Mill in Danville is getting a second chance at a new life.

The abandoned building will bring jobs, housing and a new way of life.

Standing with shuttered windows and paint peeling, White Mill became a home only for birds and a sign of Danville’s decline. But now, it will be revitalized and a focal point for the city.

At a price tag of $62.5 million, the City of Danville is partnering with The Alexander Company, a Wisconsin historical preservation and urban revitalization service, to revamp the bottom floor of 110,000 square feet for commercial use and the top three floors for 150 apartments.

A quarter of the apartments will be dedicated to families who make $30,000 to $50,000 a year.

“The workforce housing people have always been kind of left in the cold,” Alexander Company Development Project Manager David Vos said. “Those people their rents will be limited to 30 percent of their incomes.”

Another 100 apartments are expected to be built in the future.

Vos said revamping such a large structure in a town of only about 45,000 people made him hesitate.

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