Campbell County School Board bans teaching critical race theory

Residents voiced their opinions on the issue during the school board meeting

CAMPBELL COUNTY, Va. – On Monday, the Campbell County School Board unanimously voted to ban “inherently divisive concepts” from being taught in the school system.

The resolution states schools in the county will not teach critical race theory, including the use of the 1619 project.

There was no discussion from school board members before voting, but residents of Campbell County did not hesitate to share their views.

”Learning is no longer encouraged. Kids are taught to memorize and regurgitate what is presented,” Campbell County resident Jackie Mendez voiced. “Kids are indoctrinated with the latest trends of political ideology. It’s mental programming.”

“It was not long ago when it was divisive for little Black children to go to school with little white children, drink from the same water fountain, or swim in the same pool,” said Reginald Herndon, president of the Campbell County NAACP. “People of color are not the majority, but our interest deserves equal consideration, along with everyone else’s

Critical race theory is an academic concept dating back to the 1970s that examines how laws and society perpetuate systemic racism.

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