Pulaski County first in New River Valley to see homes built with 3D printer

The project is bringing 200 homes to Virginia

PULASKI, Va. – It’s the largest 3D printing project in the world.

Alquist is expected to build 200 3D printed homes in Virginia, and two will be built in the New River Valley.

It’s new technology from Alquist CEO Zachary Mannheimer.

The innovative company uses 3D printing to build affordable housing in underserved communities.

“We can print the exterior wall in less than 20 to 30 hours,” Mannheimer said.

The company prints a wall using the material that is most effective, concrete.

“We have been using concrete for hundreds of years, but normally you would lay it in a form, what we’re doing is extracting with a giant robot, which is weird,” Mannheimer said.

It may be weird for some, but the machine is cutting down on cost and is more efficient by building the base of the home.

Programmers plug in a code to the printer, which tells it how much and how tall the wall needs to be built.

“It prints about ten inches a second, almost a foot a second, the speed, the efficiency the cost savings the strength is why everyone likes to use 3-D now,” said Michael Woods, the CEO of Black Buffalo Corporation.

Officials said the 3D printer can build three stories high and print a one thousand square-foot home in less than 22 hours.

“This is the future of home construction,” Mannheimer said.

While it may the be future, the machine is helping with affordable housing in Pulaski by providing a quality home at a cheaper price — about $175,000 to $200,000.

“Other areas are expensive and they’re looking at us now,” said Shannon Collins, Mayor of Pulaski.

Collins believes the new two homes that will be in Pulaski will attract people to the area.

“This is the beginning. We’re coming into the 21st century, hot,” Collins said.

Another area that is seeing 3D homes built is Williamsburg, Virginia.

April Springfield built her home and now is now a proud homeowner.

“Excited, nervous, overwhelmed and it means a lot” Springfield said.

Alquist is building homes in select areas, and Roanoke is expected to see homes built with 3D printing technology in the summer.

To learn more about Alquist Alquist 3D: We Build Affordable 3D Printed Houses

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