Montgomery Museum marks its grand re-opening

The museum now resides in the historic Christiansburg bank building

A Montgomery County staple has come back in a big way

CHRISTIANSBURG, Va. – A New River Valley staple has come back in a big way.

With a snip of scissors at Wednesday’s event, the Montgomery Museum re-opened for business.

Christiansburg Mayor Mike Barber was at the grand re-opening and was pleasantly surprised by the museum’s progress.

“I was in the building about two months before and I didn’t think it’d ever get there,” Mayor Barber said. “But they’ve done a great job, they have a great board, an active board, and a very caring board.”

After being closed for two months, the museum has a completely new look and feel.

Its operations have moved to Downtown Christiansburg, now located inside of the historic Christiansburg bank, and spans 15,000 Square Feet.

“Inside there are several art exhibits where before we could maybe only have one or two,” Mayor Barber said.

Casey Jenkins, Montgomery Museum Executive Director, expressed just how much the museum staff appreciates the space.

“It really means a lot to us because our service is now really enhanced in the exhibits we can do, what is interactive, community events, and the cultural programming we can do out here - it’s all tenfold in our new space,” Jenkins said.

Wednesday’s event also included an interactive exhibit for kids to make their own art to put up in the museum, as well as a ‘design your own museum’ activity.

The museum plans to switch up the exhibits often to keep people coming back and to make its mark on the New River Valley.

“Now we want to be this premier cultural institution, and now we can do that,” Jenkins said. “Welcome back guys.”

The grand opening of the Montgomery Museum was also in conjunction with Give NRV day.

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